American History and American Studies: Statistics

The Purpose of this Page

This page is designed to assist the researcher in American History with getting started with a few basic statistical sources. Those in need of a wider range of statistical resources should go to the far more comprehensive page General Statistical Sources: United States and Canada, which is maintained at the Lehman Social Sciences Library.

Statistics: Selected Key Resources

  • American FactFinder
    "American FactFinder provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. The data in American FactFinder come from several censuses and surveys." (from publisher's description)
  • Health Data  
    This page provides links to and descriptions of many key sources of health data. Itis maintained by the Digital Social Science Center at Columbia University Libraries.
  • Historical Statistics of the United States (Millennial Edition) (Cambridge University Press)
    "Many [data] series in these volumes are continued on a regular basis with periodic updates and revisions by the agency, group, or individual responsible for the original data."--Guide to the Millennial ed. The Millennial Edition is an expanded, revised, and updated version of Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970. Bicentennial ed. (Washington : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1975.) –
  • iPoll Databank @ the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
    iPoll is a comprehensive, up-to-date source for US nationwide public opinion. A full-text retrieval system, the iPoll online database is organized at the question level, providing the tools to sift through nearly a half million questions asked on national public opinion surveys, 1935 to present. Surveys archived in the Roper Catalog were originally gathered by academic, commercial and media survey organizations such as Gallup Organization, Harris Interactive, Pew Research Associates, and many more.
  • ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (1929 through 2016 editions)
    An authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States. The online version includes monthly updates to tables, deep searching at the line-item level, powerful facets for narrowing search results, image and spreadsheet versions of all current and historical tables, along with links to provider sites
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States (United States Census Bureau) (1878 through 2012 only) [Open Access]
    An "authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Sources of data include the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and many other Federal agencies and private organizations." The central focus of this Website is the final annual edition, 2012. To access PDFs of the earlier annual editions, going back to the first in 1878, select Statistical Abstracts series. For Statistical Abstract data after 2012, see: ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.