Studio-X Global Network: Introduction


Studio-X is a global network for exchanging ideas and projects about the built environment. It brings together scholars, professionals, students, decision makers, from different backgrounds and cultures, to foster research collaboration by organizing public programs. Each node in the global network is a site for emerging discussions on pressing urban questions such as circulation, development, preservation or urban conflict, both globally and locally. It is also a space to challenge contemporary debates on cities by including conversations that are generally left behind -like those about rurality or domesticity.

In September 2013, Studio-X launched a long-term project on the “Architectures of Sharing;” and with the Studio-X Research Guide aims to test itself as one of them.

The Studio-X Research Guide is curated by the Studio-X directors together with Columbia University Librarians from Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library and Global Studies. It is not intended to be a comprehensive manual of each city but rather a platform for sparking the conversation about its contemporary challenges.

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