Photography: Guide to Research: Avery Call Numbers


Photography Books: Call Numbers:

Titles cataloged before 2011 are in the Fine Arts collection.  Those cataloged from 2011 to date are in the Avery-LC collection.  Avery-LC means that we now use Library of Congress assigned call numbers to our books.  Here are the two Photography call number ranges in these two collections:

Fine Arts Stacks (cataloged up to 2011)

NH 1-25               Yearbks, society pubs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories
NH30-32              Biographies
NH40-56              Exhibitions, museum and other collections
NH60                    General works, addresses, essays, lectures
NH62                    General collections of photographs with no particular subject
NH70                    General history of photography
NH72                    1800 to 1880
NH73                    1881-1919
NH74                    1920-1945
NH75                    1946 to the present
NH101-394          History by country
NH 410                 Psychology, aesthetics, comparative to other media
NH415                  Photographic amusements
NH420-424          Photojournalism
NH430                  Abstract photography
NH431                  Animals, birds, fish
NH432                  Architectural photography
NH435                  Human figure in photography
NH436                  Portraits
NH437                  Landscapes
NH438                  Marine subjects
NH439                  Panoramic views
NH440                  Plants, flowers, etc.
NH441                  Still life
NH442                  Sports
NH443                  Theater, Dance
NH444                  Other subjects
NH445                  General technique
NH450                  Photomicrography
NH460                  Stereophotography
NH465                  Stereopticon photographs
NH480                  Photograms
NH490                  Photocopy art
NH491                  Photographic reproductions of works of art

NH1010-1011  General
NH1012-1014  By Country
NH1016                Individual film makers and studios
NH1030-1044  Divided like NH430-444
NH1060-1064  Documentary films: general history
NH1070-1075       Documentary films: individual countries
NH1080                Documentary filmmakers and studios
NH1090-1105  Animated films
NH1200-1215  Video and video art


Avery-LC (cataloged from 2011 to date)

TR5                     General works (directories, dictionaries, congresses)
TR6-14                 Photographic exhibitions
TR15                   General history of photography
TR21-127             Photography by country divisions
TR140                 Biographies of individual photographers
TR146-147           Handbooks, manuals, etc.
TR148                 Photographic amusements, Trick photography, special effects
TR179                 Photographic composition
TR183                 Psychology, aesthetics of photography
TR185                 Photographic addresses, essays, lectures
TR189                 Photographic criticism
TR199                 Photographic catalogs, general
TR267                 Digital photography
TR268                 Pinhole photography
TR269                 Instant photography
TR287-500           Photographic processing, darkroom techniques
TR501                 Photograph Albums
TR504                 Transparencies, diapositives
TR510-545           Color photography
TR550                 Studio and laboratory
TR575                 Portrait photography, general works
TR590                 Lighting
TR620                 Interiors

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