Image Collections Online: Finding Online Image Collections in CLIO

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CLIO (Columbia University's Online Library Catalog) offers several ways to find image collections accessible to the Columbia University community.

IMAGES as Call Numbers:
1. Go to the Library Webpage (
2. Go to the search box in the middle of the screen, but first change it from “SEARCH” to “CATALOG.”
3. Press “GO.”
4. Where is says “All Fields” drop it down to “Call Number” found near the bottom of the list.
5. Type the word “images” and the results represent online collections that are primarily made up of images.
6. If you want to narrow your search by a particular topic, for example images about New York, go to the advanced search within the “Catalog” rubric.  Type "images" in the first box, changing it from “All Fields” to “Call Number.” In the second row, type in “New York” (in this case, as there are two words, add the quotations), changing it from “All Fields” to “Subject.” The results should be image collections that have a significant portion, if not all photographs about New York.

You may also want to keyword search the term “photograph*” in the “Databases” section to find other titles.  NOTE: The asterisk is a truncation symbol, so it will search "photograph" "photographs" and "photography" all at once.


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