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This bibliography on the Hausa language --to be frequently updated-- represents highlights from the last fifty years of library acquisitions at Columbia University. In addition to full-length novels, plays, poetry, and short stories, the Hausa literature collection includes a selection of Adabin Kasuwar Kano or "Kano market literature". These inexpensively-printed, short works of fiction appeared during the mid- to late 1990s and are mostly all love stories or soyayya. A few titles are non-fiction: pamphlets on better living, a good marriage, or Islamic values. The guide also includes many biographies, histories, cultural and linguistic studies, religious works, and other non-fiction published in Hausa. Titles in Arabic, English, French, and German listed here deal primarily with aspects of Hausa language, literature, biography, history, religion, the arts, film, music, culture, and society.

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  • Abdullahi, Shehu Umar. Gaskiya dokin k̳arfe. Kano, Nigeria : Mai-Nasara Printing, 1985. (127 p.) [In Hausa, essays on Hausa culture, Islam, social change, politics, & development in Nigeria under colonialism and in the post-colonial era.]
  • Asma'u, Nana. Collected works of Nana Asma'u, daughter of Usman dan Fodiyo, (1793-1864). [Edited by Jean Boyd and Beverly B. Mack.] African historical sources; no. 9. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, [1997] (753 p.)  [English analysis, with Hausa texts & English translations.]
    --See also: E-book
    [Columbia only!]
  • Baba, of Karo. Labarin Baba: mutuniyar Karo ta kasar Kano. Transcribed and translated by Mary Smith ta rubuta; ta tsara da taimakon Neil Skinner.  Madison, Wis.: African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, c1993. (89 p.; originally published in English in 1954)  [An autobiographical account in Hausa, with sociological insights.]
    --See also: 1981 English ed. ; Law Library copy of 1981 ed.
    --Plus: 1964 English ed. ; 1955 English ed.
    --And: 1954 English ed. ; Burke Library copy of 1954 ed.
  • Balewa, Abubakar Tafawa. Shaihu Umar. Zaria : Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., c1966. (49 p.) [In Hausa, a historical novella set in the era of slavery & the slave trade in 19th century western Africa.]
    --See also: 1989 English translation
    --Plus: 1967 English translation
  • Chekaraou, Ibro. Mù zânta dà harshèn hausa. Let's speak African language series. Madison, Wisc. : NALRC Press, 2008. (393 p.) [English & Hausa]
  • Duniyar hausa 3. [Edited by] Jaharu Sule. [Niamey, Niger] : Ministère de l'Education Nationale; Groupe Sanecom, c2008. (185 p.) [A Hausa reader, volume 3 in the series.]
  • Edgar, Frank. Hausa readings: selections from Edgar's Tatsuniyoyi. [By] Neil Skinner. Madison, Wis.: Published for the Dept. of African Languages and Literature by the University of Wisconsin Press, 1968. (278 p.)  [Selections in Hausa & English from Frank Edgar's Litafi na Tatsuniyoyi na Hausa, a three-volume work originally published between 1910 & 1913.]
  • Furniss, Graham. Poetry, prose and popular culture in Hausa. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute, c1996 (338 p.)  [English analysis, with Hausa texts & English translations.]
  • Hausar yau da kullum : intermediate and advanced lessons in Hausa language and culture. [Compiled by] William R. Leben, Ahmadu Bello Zaria, Shekarau B. Maikafi, and Lawan Danladi Yalwa. [Palo Alto, Calif.] : Published for the Stanford Linguistics Association by the Center for the Study of Language and Information, c1991. (153 p.)
  • Imam, Alhaji Abubakar. Magana jari ce. 3 vols. Zaria [Nigeria] : Gaskiya, 1960. [Short stories based on Hausa folktales.]
  • Imam, Alhaji Abubakar. Ruwan bagaja. Zaria : Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., c1966. (44 p.) [Short stories for young people featuring the main character Alhaji from Kontagora and his adventures.]
    --See also: English translation (1971)
  • Ingawa, Ahmadu. Iliya ʻdam maikarfi. Zaria : Northern Nigeria Pub. Co., 1970. (50 p.) [A collection of folk adventure stories in Hausa.]
  • Kagara, Muhammad Bello. Gand̳oki. Zaria : Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., c1968. (48 p.)
    --See also: English translation (1971)
  • Kano, Aminu. Rayuwar Ahmad Mahmud Sa'adu Zungur. Zaria: Northern Nigerian Pub. Co., 1973.
    (17 p.)  [A short biography of Sa'adu Zungur, Nigerian nationalist.]
  • Magé, Souley. Gidan mace. Niamey : Editions Gashingo, 2014. (159 p.) [A novel in Hausa.]
  • Maje, Sule. Da wa za' a yi?. Niamey, Niger : Editions Gashingo, [2015] (120 p.) [A novel in Hausa.]
  • Majinguini, Abdou. Karamin kamus na hausa zuwa faransanci = Dictionnaire élémentaire hausa-français.
    2d éd. Niamey, Niger: Editions GG, 2003. (752 p.)
  • Newman, Paul. A Hausa-English dictionary. New Haven, Conn.; London: Yale University Press, 2007. (243 p.)
  • Rattray, Robert Sutherland (ed. & trans.) Hausa folk-lore, customs, proverbs, etc. 2 vols.  Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1969. [Hausa texts, in Arabic script (or àjàmi), with Roman transliteration & English translation.]
    --See also: 1913 ed. ; Burke Library copy
    --Plus: E-book [Columbia only!]
  • Rayuwar Hausawa. [Compiled by] Cibiyar Nazarin Harsunan Nijeriya, Jamiʾar Bayero = Bayero University. Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages. Lagos : Thomas Nelson (Nigeria) Ltd., 1981. (46 p.) [On Hausa history & culture.]
  • Wusasa, J. Tafida. Jiki magayi. Zaria : Northern Nigeria Pub. Co., 1955. (51 p.) [A novella in Hausa.]
  • Zab̳ab̳b̳un wak̳ok̳in da da na yanzu. [Edited by] D̳andatti Abdulk̳adir. Ikeja, Lagos : Thomas Nelson (Nigeria), 1979. (191 p.) [An anthology of Hausa poetry.]
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