GIS, Cartographic and Spatial Analysis Tools: Image processing and classification

This guide provides an overview of geographic software, libraries and tools supported by or recommended by RDS staff.

Researchers working with imagery data may be satisfied with the tools available in the desktop GIS packages.  Image processing and classification tools in ArcGIS will be found in the Image Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions.  QGIS users may use tools from the Orfeo Toolbox, GRASS SAGA Image Analysis toolsor the Semi Automatic Classification plugin

The RDS lab has ENVI, a stand alone Image analysis application.

Google Earth Engine is a cloud based geoprocessing platform as well as a collection of publicly available geospatial data including archives of Landsat, Sentinal and MODIS imagery.  There is a Javascript API and a browser based code editor The Earth Engine Python API is also available as a Python package that can be installed locally or accessed through a Google Colab Notebook.