Columbia University Buildings: Research Guide & Selected Bibliography: Maps and Plans


Columbia University. Columbia University in the City of New York, A.D. 1900. New York, 1900.
Avery Classics AA6623 C7233 FF
Two volumes of drawings, plans, and photographs. Includes King's College, the 49th Street Library, and buildings on Morningside Heights campus.

Columbia University. Department of Buildings and Grounds. Floor plans of academic buildings on Morningside Heights. N.Y., 1941.
Avery AA6623 C7243
Extremely useful small scale plan reproductions.

Incentra International Inc. Academic acropolis. New York: Incentra International, 1998.
Avery AA735 N4 In233
Map of academic and religious institutions in Morningside Heights.

Ludington Ltd. Columbia University, Teachers College, Barnard College, an axonometric view of Morningside Heights. Hastings-on-Hudson, 1994.
Avery AA6623 C723 L96 FF