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Chen, Guangfu


Ch’en, Kuang-fu

Ch’en, Kuang-fu Papers, including diplomatic loan documents, diaries, memoir, and notebooks.

Chen, Lifu


Ch'en, Li-fu

Ch’en, Li-fu Papers, including government documents, diplomatic files, correspondence, manucripts, public speeches, etc. associated with Chen's different stages of career.

Gu, Weijun


Koo, Vi Kyuin Wellington

Koo, Vi Kyuin Wellington Papers, including 90,000 items. Columbia's second largest archives (second to President Truman archives), mostly 1932-1956.

Hu, Shi


Hu, Shih

Hu, Shih Diaries, on microfilm, the Library of Congress has a copy. Photocopies were published in Taiwan, but some of the diaries are not included. Hu’s father’s works are also Included.

Huang, Fu


Huang, Fu

Huang, Fu Papers, mostly in microfilm, including documents associated with Huang's career related to important events, communications with eminet people, 1913-1936.

Jiang, Tingfu


Tsiang, Ting-fu Fuller

Tsiang, Ting-fu Papers, including correspondences, diplomatic papers, newspaper clippings, 1947-1964.

Kong, Xiangxu


K’ung, Hsiang-hsi (Kung, H. H.)

K’ung, Hsiang-hsi Papers, mainly Xi’an Incident documents, government documents, correspondences.

Li, Hanhun


Li, Han-hun

Li, Han-hun Papers, including photocopied documents, diaries and the first draft of memoir, 1926-1946.

Li, Huang


Li, Huang

Li, Huang Papers, including diaries, manuscripts, 1922-1971.

Li, Shuhua


Li, Shu-Hua

Li, Shu-Hua Papers, including hundreds of letters from eminent people, 1922-1972.

Li, Zongren


Li, Tsung-jen

Li, Tsung-jen Papers, largely correspondences with American government officials, 1949-1951.

Liu Ruiheng


J. Heng Liu (Jui Heng Liu)

J. Heng Liu Papers, including interview on Liu's education, materials on Peking Union Medical College.

Xiong Shihui


Hsiung, Shih-hui

Hsiung Shih-hui Papers, including diaries 1930-1974, autobiography 1907-1950, Jiangxin provincial documents, reports on military delegation in Russia 1945-1946, correspondence from Chiang and other important people.

Zhang, Fakui


Chang, Fa-k’uei

Chang, Fa-k’uei Papers, in microfilm, including diaries, war documents, reports, letters, the 3rd Force documents, 1937-1953

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