International Roots of the Civil Rights Movement: What Can We Learn?

Guide to navigating archives, which will be used as part of Union Theological Seminary class CE315 taught by Sarah Azaransky


After you have located your source, whether it be primary, secondary or tertiary, you will need to interpret it. Librarians and archivists are available to help you with this task. There are also a number of online tools, including those available through the National Archives:

Written Document (used during class)
Motion picture
Sound Recording


Finding Aids

These are the finding aids that were used during the class:

UTS: Harry Emerson Fosdick Papers, 1900-1997

UTS: Roger Shinn Papers [draft]

UTS: Student Interracial Ministry Records, 1960-1968

UTS: Harry Frederick Ward Papers, 1880-1979

AWTS: Letty Mandeville Russell Papers, 1952-2005

MRL: Near East Relief Committee Records, 1904-1950