Documentaries in Journalism: Finding Documentaries

Finding Documentaries at Columbia Libraries

You can search for documentaries in CLIO, the library search interface, just as you would for books (use either "Quicksearch" or "Catalog"). There are several ways to find documentaries in CLIO:

  • Search for a specific documentary by title
    • Type the title in the search box; to search an exact phrase, put it in quotation marks
    • Change the "All Fields" box to "Title" and search
  • Browse documentaries by subject 
    • ​Start by searching for the subject (genre) "Documentary films" 
    • Look at the facets at the left to limit by subject, region, era, language, and more
  • Browse documentaries by date for most recent film

Databases with Streaming Video

Looking for videos you can stream at home? Here are several databases with a variety of streaming content.
Visit the library's Databases page for a full list of video and webcast resources. 

Documentaries by Topic

Visit the library's catalog for a full list of all available documentaries, or browse specific documentaries by most popular topics below: