Film Studies: Latin America, Caribbean Portugal, and Spain: Books & Films

A selective guide to research resources available at Columbia that are useful in beginning research.

Library Catalogs

Using Subject Headings

Subject Headings

Search CLIO like a professional. Do a Subject search using the following Subject Headings. Limit your results by refining for format, language or other facets. Identify additional headings by reviewing catalog records of interest.

Motion pictures > Spain (Works about film) 
Motion pictures > Latin America 
Motion pictures > Mexico > History 
Motion pictures > country name

Motion pictures, Spanish (Films ... and also works about films)
Motion pictures, Cuban

Documentary films

Feature films

Tips for Finding Films in CLIO

Tip: To better search CLIO to identify films and books on films, combine the following terms in quotes with other relevant keywords:

“motion pictures” and “latin america”
“motion pictures” and country