History: Research Guides by Field

Subject Librarians and Research Guides

African Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa
Library contact: Yuusuf Caruso    
Research guide: African Studies Resources   
Key database: Africa-Wide: NiPad

American History & American Studies: United States & Canada
Library contact: John Tofanelli     
Research guide: American History
Key database: America: History & Life

Asian Studies: Central Asian
Library contact: Robert Davis
Research guide: Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies
Key databases: Historical AbstractsEastView Universal Databases

Asian Studies: East Asian
Library contact: Ria Koopmans-de Bruijn   
Research guide: East Asian Studies
Key database: Bibliography of Asian Studies

Asian Studies: South Asian
Library contact: Gary Hausman
Research guide: South Asian Studies
Key databases: Bibliography of Asian StudiesDigital South Asia LibraryInternet Indian History SourcebookIndia--History/Culture

Asian Studies: Southeast Asia
Library contacts: Gary Hausman, Gregory Green, Jeffrey Peterson
Research guides: Southeast Asian Studies (at Cornell) and Southeast Asia (at Columbia)
Key databases: Bibliography of Asian Studies

European Studies: Britain & Ireland
Library contact: John Tofanelli   
Research guide: British History
Key databases: Bibliography of British and Irish History ; Historical Abstracts

European Studies: Eastern Europe
Library contact: Robert Davis
Research guide: Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies
Key databases: ABSEES OnlineCentral and Eastern European Library OnlineEastView Universal Databases


European Studies: Germany
Library contact: Ian Beilin
Research guides: German Studies
Key databases: Historical AbstractsJahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte = Annual bibliography on German history

European Studies: Spain & Portugal
Library contact: Socrates Silva 
Research guides: Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies
Key databases: Historical AbstractsDialnet

European Studies: Western Europe (Ancient & Medieval)
Library contact: Jeffrey Wayno  
Subject guides: Papyrology & EpigraphyAncient & Medieval Studies
Key databases: L’Année PhilologiqueInternational Medieval Bibliography Online

European Studies: Western Europe (Early Modern & Modern excluding Great Britain, Germany and Spain)
Library contact:  Meredith Levin
Research guide: Western European History since 1450
Key database: Historical Abstracts

Interdisciplinary Studies: Religious Studies
Library contacts: Jeffrey Wayno 
Research guide: Religious Studies
Key database: ATLAReligion

Interdisciplinary Studies: Women’s Studies
Library contact: Sarah Witte   
Research guide: Women's Studies
Key databases: Gender Studies DatabaseGerritsen Collection of Women's History OnlineLGBT Life

Jewish Studies
Library contact: Michelle Chesner  
Research guide: Jewish Studies
Key databases: Encyclopedia Judaica; Rambi

Latin American Studies
Library contact: Socrates Silva  
Research guides: Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies
Key databases: Handbook of Latin American Studies OnlineHAPI Online

Middle Eastern Studies
Library contact: Peter Magierski
Research guide: Middle East Studies
Key databases: Index IslamicusEncyclopedia of Islam

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