Open Access Week 2020 - Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion: Open Access services and policies at Columbia

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Why publish open access?

PUBLIC INTEREST Your research is of potential public interest and you want to make sure it can be found and read.

REUSABILITY You want to make your educational materials, research, or data available for reuse and remixing by others.

INCREASED CITATION COUNTS Studies have shown that open-access work produced at Columbia is cited 200–300% more often that work only available in subscription journals.

COMPLIANCE Your funder requires that you make your research and/or data publicly available.

INNOVATION Your work is too interdisciplinary or too innovative to fit in any of the traditional journals in your field.

ETHICS You object to the enormous profit margins of the big publishers (35%).

How to publish open access and more!

Publishing Programs

Columbia University Libraries offer several publishing services that can help you to share your work or to create an open access venue for researchers in your discipline.

Journal Publishing

Columbia Libraries provide education, hosting, and publishing services for student and faculty led journals. Our program seeks to uplift emerging and underrepresented voices across academia. We leverage our knowledge and open source infrastructure to provide the widest possible audience for our publications and to provide responsible long term discovery and access to their works. Open access plays an essential role in defining our mission and shaping our practice. Explore our journals and find out more about joining the libraries as a journal partner


We encourage members of our community to experiment with new forms of scholarly communication in order to find compelling ways to tell their research story and to share their work with new audiences both within and outside of the academy. Columbia's partnership program provides RSS feed hosting, a web presence, and analytics tools to podcasters. We are finding new ways to make scholarly podcasts more discoverable and citable and sharing our knowledge of academic podcasting through our Podcast Essentials Workshops

For information about how to publish open access, open access policies, and more, check out this general guide from the libraries and reach out to the Digital Scholarship staff through the departmental email or individually.

Ask a Librarian

Not sure where to start? Our Ask a Librarian service is a fast and easy way to reach out to the libraries and get connected to the person or department who can best assist you. Contact us here using email, phone, or chat.