Colloquium on Precolonial African Historiography (HIST G8760): Books

African Studies Reading Room Titles in "Precolonial African History" in European Languages (published 2005-2016)

  • General and Comparative

  • Africa and its Diasporas and Slave Trade & Slavery in Africa

  • Central Africa

  • Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

  • Northern Africa

  • Southern Africa

  • Western Africa

  • Book Series

  • African Studies Series. Published by Cambridge University Press, USA.

  • African Studies Center, Boston University Published by the University, USA.

  • African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Published by the University, USA.

  • Blacks in the Diaspora. Published by Indiana University Press, USA.

  • Fontes historiae Africanae. Published by Oxford University Press, UK.
  • New African Histories. Published by Ohio University Press, USA.
  • Rochester studies in African history and the diaspora. Published by University of Rochester Press, USA.

  • Studien zur Kulturkunde. Published by Veröffentlichungen des Frobenius-Instituts an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität zu Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

  • Van Riebeck Society (Series). Published by the Society, South Africa.