University Writing CC1010: Credibility/Reliability?

Evaluating Sources

Use these general criteria to help you evaluate the credibility of an online source.

Be Aware of Bias/False News

TED Video: How False News Can Spread 

Blue Feed, Red Feed (from Wall St. Journal)

LibGuides, Research Strategies, Fact Checking

Compiled by Science Librarian Jim Crocamo,


University of Toronto Libraries - guide to spotting fake news

How Stuff Works - How to Spot Fake News

“How to (seriously) read a scientific paper”


Stony Brook University School of Journalism’s Center for News Literacy

Indiana University East Library’s Guide: Fake News

Pace University Library’s Guide: Real News vs. Fake News

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Lloyd Sealy Library Guide: Fact Checking, Verification and Fake News

Harvard Library’s Guide: Fake News

Cornell University Library’s Guide: Evaluating News Sources

Penn State University Libraries fake news guide:


Indiana University East fake news guide:

Gustavus Adolphus College library:

California State University Chico:

Columbia University Libraries: Journalism subject guide

The News Literacy Project

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

Context - how did we get here and why does it matter?


Evaluating Information: The cornerstone of civic online reasoning
Stanford History Education Group:
NPR article on Stanford study:

“Inside the Macedonian fake news complex” themed issue - The News In Crisis


“Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’”

“Solving the Problem of Fake News”

ACRLog: Information Literacy and Fake News

How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Works

Anatomy of clickbait

“Before Jon Stewart” (from Columbia Journalism Review) - fake news vs. bad/wrong news

Angela Cochran’s Article in The Scholarly Kitchen: What we can Learn from Fake News can-learn-from-fake-news/  

Sarah Hicks of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom’s Blogpost

Donal A. Barclay’s PBS Newshour’s Column: Can librarians help solve the fake news problem?

“Evaluating Information; The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning” by the Stanford History Education Group
“Post-truth: Study epidemiology of fake news” by Adam Kucharski

“Fake News” in Journalism Practice Vol. 10 , Iss. 7, 2016 by Irina Khaldarova and Mervi


Meta-LOL (just for fun)

“Facebook User Verifies Truth of Article by Carefully Checking It Against His Own Preconceived Opinions”