Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology (E3B) Research Guide: Websites

Research Guide for Ecology. Evolution & Evolutionary Biology (E3B).



  • Grey's Anatomy
    Online access to the classic anatomy textbook.
  • The Mouse Brain Library
    High-resolution images and databases of brains from many genetically characterized strains of mice.
  • Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica
    An English translation of Vesalius' first volume (of six) of the famous 1543 guide to human anatomy. Volume One covers bones and ligaments. The site includes essays that put the work in historical context and dissect the book's themes.
  • Whole Brain Atlas
    An image atlas of normal and diseased human brain sections.
  • Internet Atlas of Histology
    Over 1000 histological specimens with accompanying functional description.

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