Copyright for Journalists: Intro

Introduction to Copyright

David Wees for images to use in a story? Need to quote portions of a novel or play? Confused about United States copyright rules?

This guide will point you to resources to help decide how to responsibly use copyright and fair use guidelines.

Copyright Advisory Office (CU)

Copyright at Columbia


The Copyright Advisory Office supports Columbia faculty and students in understanding copyright and how it relates to their work, course materials, and scholarly communications. Copyright, Fair Use, and Licensing are some of the areas that intersect with the daily functioning of academic research institutions. They are outlined in the the Copyright Basics section.

Copyright Quick Guide Links

This Guide was originally conceived by Dr. Kenneth Crews and updated in 2015. Its purpose is to provide an overview of copyright law. The Guide examines such seminal issues as fundamental principles of copyright law, copyright ownership, fair use and other permitted uses and provides a short bibliographic list. 

Fair Use in Journalism

The book below was written specifically for journalists. It is available as a free PDF.


Making Copyright Your Friend: Journalism and Fair Use