Journalism Master's Project Resources: Intro

How to Use this Guide

This guide is for Journalism MS students, to help them research, write, and edit their master's projects.

  • Discover how to find examples of past master's projects below.
  • Doing background research on your topic? Discover how to use databases to access academic/research articles, or search CLIO, the library search interface, for related books.
  • See suggested books and resources for writing and editing.
  • Need more help? Use the information at the right to contact your Journalism Librarian!

Finding Master's Projects

Looking for master's projects or theses from past students?

We have copies in the Journalism Library! Drop by to look through example volumes, or use the Master's Project Index to find specific titles. (The index covers projects from 1995 to the present, and theses from 2006 to the present.)