Journalism Master's Project Resources: Finding Books & More

CLIO (Library Search)

CLIO is the Columbia Libraries' search interface. You can use CLIO to find books, articles, or databases (aggregate articles from multiple journals/newspapers). There is a CLIO search box at the top right of this and every other library page, or you may use the main CLIO page.

CLIO Search Tips

CLIO allows you to combine keywords with other elements called "facets" (listed on the left-hand side within CLIO) to explore our resources in a variety of ways.

Use the drop-down menu to search keywords in All Fields, Author, Title, or Subject
Put exact phrases in quotes: “computer aided design”
Use an asterisk (*) to get all possible endings to a word: polio* finds polio, poliomyelitis, poliovirus
Type OR (in caps) to search for either of two or more terms: CAD OR “computer aided design”
Use “OR”, “AND” or “NOT” (must be ALL CAPS) and parentheses to create complex Boolean searches:
foner AND (reconstruction OR “civil war”)

Refine your search using categories.  Once selected, these will remain in place until they are removed:

  • Format
  • Author
  • Publication Date
  • Library Location
  • Language
  • Subject – to find items about a topic
  • Subject (Era) – to find items about a time period
  • Subject (Region) – to find items about a place
  • Subject (Genre) – to find items by type, e.g. correspondence, personal narratives, fiction
  • Call Number – to see items organized by main call number headings
  • Acquisitions Date

CLIO Search Features