Getting Started: 2. Tabbed Boxes

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Different Types of Boxes

Add & Edit Boxes

Click to learn more about each type of box:

1. Gallery Boxes 

2. Tabbed Boxes

3. Profile Boxes (no longer used)

4. Standard Boxes

Copying Boxes

To learn about copying boxes, see the "Reuse Content" page.

Reordering Boxes

Want to move a box from the bottom of the column to the top? Or want to move it to a different column altogether?

  • In the light grey bar beneath the tabs, click "Page."
  • In the drop-down menu under "Reorder / Move," select "Boxes."
  • Drag and drop boxes where you want them to go.
  • Click "Save." 

About Tabbed Boxes

Here is an example of a tabbed box. Each tab of this box acts like a standard box, in that you can add a variety of content types.

Creating a Tabbed Box

  • Once you're on a guide page, click a blue "Add a Box" link where you want to add the box. Where these appear depends on your page layout
  • A pop-up window will appear: choose whether you want to "Create New Box" or "Reuse Existing Box." 
    • Just like creating a new page, "Create New Box" creates an empty box.
    • Just like copying an existing page, "Reuse Existing Box" copies an existing box from 1) one of your guides or 2) another CUL guide.
  • If you create a new box, next you will choose the box type; for this example, we'll choose a tabbed box.
  • Position: this lets you choose where in the column this box will appear, relative to other boxes in that column. 
  • Draft Mode: allows you to leave this box un-viewable (in a published guide) while you edit it. Don't forget to update and make this box viewable when the content is complete!
  • When you're done, select "Save." 

To see how to add tabs to this box, click on the second tab in this box.

Here's the second tab of this box.

Adding Tabs (to a Tabbed Box)

To add tabs to a tabbed box, click on the gear icon for "settings" in the top right of the box. Enter a name for the first tab (it will appear at the far left), and click "create new tab."

You can also use the gear icon to reorder tabs (click "Save Positions" when done). You can also change tab names in this meny by retyping the name, then click on "Update" to apply new names.

Remember to click "Save changes" before exiting the pop-up window.

And finally, the third tab of this box. Nothing more to see here!