Getting Started: Guide Structure

LibGuides instructions and help for the staff of Columbia University Libraries.

Guide Look & Feel

Guide Structure: Matryoshkas!

About Guide Structure

You can think of guides like Matryoshka dolls.

Guides are the largest, outermost Matryoshka doll - they contain all of the other dolls, or in this case, pages, boxes, and content.

Pages (or Tabs) are the 2nd Matryoshka doll. They provide structure to your guide and the content within it.

Boxes are the 3rd Matryoshka doll. They contain the actual content you want to share. There are 4 different types of boxes in LibGuides:

  1. Gallery: displays images, which rotate within the box.
  2. Tabbed: similar to General, except you can create multiple tabs within the box, each of which can house its own content items. (It's like an extra Matryoska doll within the box!
  3. Profile: displays any user's profile in your system. This is the only type of content this box type displays.
  4. Standard: used most of the time, general boxes can contain text, links, databases, books, etc.

Content items are the smallest of the dolls. This is what you put inside your boxes. Content items include text, links, databases, books, videos, widgets, RSS feeds, polls, etc.

guide can contain many pages, a page can contain many boxes, and a box can contain many pieces of content.