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Implementation Questions

When will our CourseWorks Guides go live in LibGuides 2?

Our goal is for everyone to move their CourseWorks content by December 31, 2014, so that we can go live in January 2015, before the semester begins. The timeline, more details, and future updates are posted on the LibGuides Team's wiki page.

When will our Research Guides go live in LibGuides 2?

Everyone will move their Research Guides to LibGuides 2 in the next phase of the implementation plan, spring 2015. Updates will be posted on the LibGuides Team's wiki page.

Who will be doing the migration?

Everyone will be migrating their own guides, but we'll be here to provide plenty of training and support along the way! If you have any concerns about the process, please contact your divisional LibGuide representative, or email the team.

LibGuides 2 Questions

My login isn't working, and I know my password is correct. What's wrong?

Sometimes you get kicked off the Columbia LibGuides login page <> and onto the main SpringShare login <>. Check your URL to be sure. If you still have problems, ask your division's LibGuides Team member for help--if need be, we can reset your password. 

The formatting in my guide looks really wonky. What's wrong?

Did you copy and paste information directly from 1) CQ or 2) MS Word? If so, that could be the problem. Try pasting your content into a plain text editor (like Notepad for Windows, Textedit for Macs, or an online editor like DarkCopy). Then paste the content from that editor into LibGuides.

If that doesn't work, and/or you didn't paste from another program, try clicking on "Source" in the graphic editor (far right). You should be able to see if there are a lot of strange HTML tags surrounding your content, and edit accordingly. If you're not experienced with HTML, or this doesn't solve your problem, contact the LibGuides Team.

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