Finding Underrepresented Sources: Home

A guide to resources for locating expert voices that are underrepresented in the news

Using Underrepresented and Diverse Sources

This page provides resources for identifying experts in a variety of areas that should be heard from more in the news. Including underrepresented experts in your work is essential to ensuring a diversity of thought and opinion, and finding diverse perspectives is a continual undertaking that journalists have a responsibility to engage in. To learn more, see Diversifying Your Sources Can Improve Your Reporting.

General Directories

Directory of Diverse Databases from Editors of Color collects links to resources for experts on writing, art, science, health, tech, and more.

NPR Diverse Sources Database includes experts for more than 25 different subject areas, from Arts & Culture to Urban Planning.

Working Sources from the Economic Reporting Hardship Project is a database of alternative experts (with authority from lived experience, professional expertise, or both) who are available to the press. The current categories are Care, Drugs, Economics, and Labor, with more to come.

Science and Technology

Diverse Sources is a searchable database of underrepresented experts in the areas of science, health, and the environment.

500 Queer Scientists is a searchable database of LGBTQ+ people in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Gage from the 500 Women Scientists organization is a global search platform for discoverinv women and gender diverse folks in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Women+ from Sourcelist provides a listing of women technologists and cross-cutting technology policy experts.

AcademiaNet is a tool to access profiles of women academics from every discipline in Europe. 

The Future of Science Film Fellowship develops new documentaries about efforts to make science more equitable and inclusive. This project builds on the success of the feature documentary "Picture a Scientist," which chronicled stories of bias, discrimination and harassment against women scientists.

Media and Public Relations

SheSource from Women's Media Center is an online database of media-experienced women experts who are available to speak to journalists.

Women, Nonbinary and POC Media Experts Directory is a Google Spreadsheet of media experts from the Columbia Journalism Review.


The Multicultural Experts Directory from Multicultural Marketing Resources is an online directory of diverse expert sources on marketing, advertising, and related topics.

nglccNY Business Directory, from the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce New York, lists members of the LGBTQ+ business community in New York.

Political Science, Sociology, and International Affairs

InterviewHer aims to connect journalists with women expert sources on issues of global conflict, peace, and security.

Women Also Know Stuff is a database for finding women experts in political science.

Interruptrr Expert Lists includes women representing various areas of foreign policy.

Sociologists for Trans Justice has a Directory of Experts happy to speak with the media on topics related to trans, non-binary, and intersex research.