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Accessing Technical Reports in the Science and Engineering Library

The Science & Engineering Library's collection of Technical Reports consists of over 1.5 million reports on fiche, dating back to the early 1960s.   The collection is shelved in Columbia's ReCAP offsite library shelving facility.

About 1/3 of the collection was received through the National Depository Program, which includes NASA, NACA, DOE, ERDA, and AEC reports. The rest of the collection is acquired by subscription called SRIM (Selected Research in Microform) from NTIS. SRIM, a service provided by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), distributes U.S. and foreign government reports on a wide variety of subjects including Engineering, Physics, Agriculture, Medicine, Ecology, and Transportation. Effective FY 1997, DOE and NASA stopped issuing reports on microfiche. They are available electronically on the DOE website and the NASA website.

How to Search for Technical Reports

Technical reports in Columbia's collection are NOT cataloged. They are searched online using the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Database (1964-present)

Prior to 1964 use the print indexes:

  • U.S. Government Research Reports (1954-1963)
    ENGINEERING - Z7916.Un31
  • Bibliography of Technical Reports (1949-1953)
    ENGINEERING - Z7916.Un31
  • Bibliography of Scientific and Industrial Reports (1946-1948)
    ENGINEERING - Z7916.Un31

Find out both the report number and NTIS accession number by searching the NTIS database or print indexes. The microfiche is filed by the report number and NTIS accession number.  Please contact the Science & Engineering Library reference librarians at if you need to access these reports which are shelved in ReCAP.

Some technical reports are cataloged in  WorldCat.

Other print indexes:

  • Government Reports Annual Index (1975-1994)
    SCIENCE - Z7405.R4 G748
  • Government Reports Index (1971-1974)
    SCIENCE - Z7405.R4 G747
  • U.S. Government Research and Development Reports Index (1968-1970)
    SCIENCE - Z7405.R4 G747
  • Government-wide Index to Federal Research & Development Reports (1965-1967)
    SCIENCE - Z7405.R4 G747
  • Nuclear Science Abstracts (1948-1976)
    SCIENCE - QC770.U64
  • STAR - Scientific & Technical Aerospace Reports (1963-1995)
    SCIENCE - Z5063.Un35
  • Energy Research Abstracts
    ENGINEERING - (1979-1986) FX3998 or (1977-1995) TJ153.U538