Hacking for Humanity / Social Ventures Incubator: Market & Competitor Research

News & Trade Publications

Up-to-date, industry-specific publications for a business audience. When using ABI/Inform Global, be sure to narrow search results to "trade journals" to focus on this kind of article.

Competitor Research

These resources provide information about companies and venture capital deals.

Industry Reports

Demographic Data

Find social, economic, & other data using products like the Decennial Census & the American Community Survey. Access options include:

General Market Research Resources

What are secondary market research reports?

Secondary market research reports are reports written by analysts for a business practitioner audience (as opposed to an academic audience). The purpose of secondary market research is to.give business people a sense of trends in markets, industries, and consumer behavior.

Generally the reports in this guide focus on consumer goods. They also tend to focus on broad market categories rather than niche markets or products.

Secondary Market Research for Technology Markets

Advertising & Ad Spend resources