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Chronologies & Timelines

Absolute Chronology of the Aegean Early Bronze Age: Archaeology, Radiocarbon, and History. (Sheffield Academic Pr.)
Ed. by Stuart Manning, 370 p. (1995).
Avery-Fine Arts N5620 M31

Chronologies du Proche Orient--Chronologies in the Near East: Relative Chronologies and Absolute Chronology 16,000-4,000 B.P.
Ed. by Olivier Aurenche, 2 vol. (1989).
C.N.R.S. International Symposium, Lyon (France) 24-28 November 1986.
Avery Offsite AA963 B7684 no.379

Chronologies in New World Archaeology. (Academic Pr.)
Ed. by Royal Taylor, 587 p. (1978).
Butler E61 .C55

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology. (Univ. of Chicago)
Ed. by Robert Ehrich, 3rd ed, 2 vols. (1992).
Europe, Asia, and Africa. Articles on dating. Illustrations, e.g., of pottery sequences.
Avery-Fine Arts N5330 Eh8821 (copies available in multiple locations)

Chronology of Native North American History from Pre-Columbian Times to the Present. (Gale)
Ed. by Duane Champagne, 574 p. (1994).
Butler E77 .C555 1994

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (Online)