Advanced Investment Research: Course guide: Earnings calls and financial data

Resources for financial data

Bloomberg (seven terminals available in Watson Library)
Large database of company fundamentals, commodities, economics data, and more.  Provides access to SEC filings.

CapitalIQ (an account is required)
Extensive database on financial data for publicly traded and some private companies.  Includes M&A and private equity transactions.

Provides analytic tools and financial and economics data on public and private companies and their debt issues, private equity and venture capital firms and funds, macroeconomic series, global M&A deals, ownership details, and people data.

Morningstar Direct (in Watson Library only)
Provides data, investment research, and analytics tools. Includes data on closed-end funds, equity ownership, exchange traded funds, hedge funds, market indexes, money market funds, offshore funds, open-end mutual funds, pension/life insurance funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, college-saving plans, information on Global Private Equity Firm Executives and Owners, and directory of Global Private Equity Firms.

Refinitiv workspace
Provides access to financial data on public companies, as well as merger and acquisition information and market data. Includes Street Events and access to SEC filings.

Contains issues from the investment survey and small and mid-cap edition, covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks.


Spotlight: Refinitiv workspace

Refinitiv workspace

  • Earnings calls - click on the News and Events tab
  • Presentations by management of company - click on the News and Events tab
  • SEC filings -click on the Filings tab


Searching transcripts of earnings calls

IIncludes earnings calls through CQ Disclosure Wire. To search CQ disclosure wire enter rst=fndw in the main search box.  Example: rst=fndw and Conagra

Refinitiv workspace  Refinitiv workspace provides access to financial data, news and content coverage in a highly customized workflow experience on your preferred device, at home or in the office.