Oral History Archives at Columbia Research Guide: Teachers/Students: How do I conduct an oral history interview?

Oral history resources at Columbia University

Conducting oral histories

Conducting oral histories is a way of filling in the gaps where the historical record is silent on certain topics and groups of people. The Oral History Archives at Columbia is focused on the collection, archiving, preserving and access requirements of oral history interviews. There are, however, a number of online resources that deal with the major issues to consider when conducting oral history interviews including interview techniques, questions, recording equipment, etc. 

Columbia Center for Oral History Research

Oral History Association

The Oral History Association encourages individuals and institutions involved with the creation and preservation of oral histories to uphold certain principles, professional and technical standards, and obligations. These include commitments to the narrators, to standards of scholarship for history and related disciplines, and to the preservation of the interviews and related materials for current and future users

Oral History in the Digital Age

Step-by-step guide to oral history

Oral History Curricula for Teachers