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Getting started with Bloomberg

Downloading limits

All academic accounts have a monthly downloading limit. This is strictly enforced by Bloomberg.  If we have reached our monthly downloading limit users will see the following error message when they try to download: #N/A Limit. The limit will be reset on the first of the next month. If you think you need to download a great deal of data please consult with a librarian

Bloomberg can be used for educational purposes ONLY. Any use for commercial reasons is a violation of our license.

Important Information

There are twelve Bloomberg terminals available across the Libraries:

eight in the Watson Library 
two terminals in the Digital Social Science Center in Lehman Library
one terminal in the Math Library
one in the Science and Engineering Library

The user name and password will be posted on the monitor at each terminal.  Or you may create your own log in by clicking on  "Create New Login" from the log in page.

The Bloomberg terminal is available on a first come, first served basis. Columbia students working on assignments that require Bloomberg use have priority.







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