History of Health and Healing in Africa (HIS GU4769): CLIO Searching & Primary Sources?

General Tips on Searching in CLIO

  1. Reference works or statistical publications -- in print or electronic
    • Combine name of country or language or ethnic group as “Subject” -AND- another term as a “Subject”….such as:

      bibliography | handbooks | statistics | atlas -or- maps

      biography | congresses (conferences) | dictionaries | grammar

  2. Historical sources—published
    • Use “Subject” keywords like:

      “description and travel” | “personal narratives”

      sources | "case studies" | biography

    • Colonial government publications

      Search [name of the colonial territory], Great Britain Colonial Office, France, etc. as “Author” or “All Fields”

  3. -"History of Health and Healing in Africa" -- Suggested Keyword Searches in CLIO:
    • Combine "history" with:

      social conditions | health | medicine -or- medical | AIDS

      “personal narratives” | “women and children” | malaria -or-tuberculosis

      “women in development” | diseases

      missions (missionaries) | girls -or- boys | population

      sexuality | ecology -or- environment | “mental health”

  4. Literary works
    • Search by author or title …or combine [name of individual language] as “Subject” with:

      literature | drama | fiction | poetry | criticism
    • Exceptions….African literature (English) ; African literature (French)

  5. NOTE: For materials before 1982: you may still need to use the Card Catalog, 310 Butler Library

Primary Sources?

  • Autobiographies and memoirs
  • Historical newspapers
  • Unpublished government records & published government reports
  • Ethnographic surveys & case studies
  • Travellers’ accounts & descriptions
  • International organization & national NGO reports based on field investigations
  • RECOMMENDATION: Routinely search & read articles in the back issues of two journals: